Life Update

11/02/2015 06:07:00 AM

Weeks ago, I finally decided (for the nth time!) that I really want to dedicate a few hours every week to make a post for this blog. And so I would sit down with my laptop and a small notebook and try to think of good content just to make this little space more interesting. I would sit down and just stare at the screen and then try to write on my notebook and eventually come up with nothing. I've been trying hard to come up with something good and worthwhile for the few people who read my blog that I stopped thinking about what I want to post for myself! That's why I'm here posting something not because it's what I think readers would read but because it's something I want to read and look back to in the future. Anyway, that's my long and chatty intro! I just want to let that out so I can start updating this blog with what's been happening in my life lately (sans instagram-worthy pretty pictures).

My brother and his girlfriend left for California so I'm alone in this house for 2 weeks! Not technically alone, though, since I still have our housekeeper with me. But yeah, I'm definitely feeling more alone in this house which is a good thing because I like feeling like I live on my own but then I get these surges of loneliness every now and then. It feels unpleasant to know that my whole family is in the US to celebrate my nephew's baptism and I'm not there with them.

Yesterday, I woke up and left home at 3AM to go with my relatives to Nueva Ecija to pay our respects to our deceased family members. Going to the cemetery used to resemble a family reunion for us but lately we've been decreasing in number. Some are abroad, some have work, some have issues. It's quite sad to know that I, too, won't be able to come with them in the future when I finally leave the country but I don't like dwelling on that thought. I enjoyed the day, though, because it was pretty chill and it was cloudy so the sun didn't totally fry us.

I've been doing my thesis for months already and I'm still not halfway through it. Our deadline's on December and I'm on my semi-panic mode. Help. My only motivation for this is our Hong Kong and Palawan trip at the end of November to the first week of December. Really excited for the vacation but really really dreading my thesis' deadline.

I haven't been really doing much aside from finishing my thesis and worrying about my thesis. I fill my days with reading books and blogs, watching vlogs and playing Pokemon. The last months were quite dull actually. Setting days to hang out with people is becoming difficult since everyone has a different schedule and we live far from each other. Talking to them online has been difficult too because I don't want to waste their time especially when they're busy. Oh man, the times are changing, the people are changing and I don't know if I can keep up. I'm so thankful for my boyfriend and our hangouts slash dates that are keeping me sane.

Not the most cheerful blog, yes, but I still want to look back at these times in the future when I have overcome my problems with myself and then think, "Hey! I got through this!".

I hope you're having a good day! I have so much thoughts that I want to share with you here but those are for another post. I still have to educate myself and do much research before telling you guys about the opinions and weird ideas in my head that I have been keeping in for weeks and months! Also, I'm getting a new phone in a few weeks so more photos will hopefully come up in the future. Enough blabbering! Bye!

Photo source: Tumblr

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