I Raise My Vodka Shot to...

11/10/2015 03:50:00 PM

  • Writers who are appreciated because of their beautiful minds and not by their physical looks. When we watch movies and TV shows, we always see the acting and performance by the actors but we don’t always recognize the effort put into writing a script or even a decent plot. The same goes for stand-up comedians that have to come up with a new joke every time they have to go on stage. I have so much respect for the people that know their way around words and paragraphs and fictional worlds and sharing of knowledge.
  • Water. Dammit, we should all raise our shots to water. It keeps us alive, it keeps the earth alive and it feels good in the mouth and in the body! (Keep your dirty thoughts to yourself, okay!) Stay hydrated, kids!
  • People who dedicate their life into changing the world for the better! Activists, honest politicians, scientists, environmentalists, anyone who dedicate a few hours every day to make the world a better place! I wanna be one of those people. I hope you are one of them or you want to be one of them as well.
  • My friends. They’re awesome. They tolerate me. They have good hearts and amazing minds. They make my world a better place.
  •  The people at the laboratory who have been helping us with our theses. I don’t know what would happen to my experiments if it weren’t for them.
I feel like we should tell the world more about the things we appreciate in life. It makes us more grateful of what we have right now. You don’t have to raise your alcoholic drink to them (I just fancy a vodka shot right now, heh), the mere act of sending out positive energy is enough. How about you? To who/what/where/when will you raise your glass to?

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  1. I love this post; anyone who says they're drinking enough water is definitely lying!!