7/25/2015 04:00:00 PM

This week, my boyfriend and I ventured out into Quezon City and visited Miao Cat. It's a cat cafe people have been talking about on the internet ever since it opened. Cat cafe's have been popping up all over the world and it's about time that we experience it!

The cafe opens at 11 AM. And they have 2-hour time slots for the customers after which they will close the shop for an hour to give the cats some rest and alone time. We arrived there at 11, put on the slippers they provided, sat by the window and ordered some food!

The cats were very friendly (and sleepy) and they usually come to you when you call to them. I was obviously very happy when the cute little kitty decided to sleep on my lap! Xed and I ordered one cheesy bacon pasta for each of us and bottomless lemonade and iced tea for our drinks. The pasta was okay but it needed more taste but the cats were really interested in the food since they couldn't keep themselves off the table!

After eating, we decided to cuddle some more with the friendly kitties and then played with the more playful ones. It was nice to see that the cats get along with each other. It makes me want to have more cats!

The interior of the place is well-decorated for cats. There are cushions for them to sleep on, posts for them to scratch on and installations like shelves, a tree, etc. for them to climb on. If I was a crazy cat lady, I would have died for their decor!

A few minutes before our time was up, I decided to cuddle with this black kitty (I wish I could remember their names but I was never good with names *sigh*) who reminded me of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon! He's as fluffy as my cat Zoey and his fur was really soft I could mistake him for a fur rug!

 I wish I could spend the whole day with those cats but our allergies kicked in. The 2 hours was enough for us, then.

After that lovely lunch, we went to North Edsa to have a second lunch (haha, not even sorry) at Mexicali! We had the best burrito we ever had! Even better than Army Navy, tbh. Then, we walked around before heading home since the storm clouds were rolling in.

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  1. oh so cute! I'd totally visit this place if only I was still in Ph.

    1. You have to try it especially if you love cats! The place just brought out the crazy cat lady in me.