7/18/2015 04:00:00 PM

The past weeks consisted of me staring blankly into space just thinking about anything that comes to mind. From future plans to the possibility of alien life forms. It's nice to be one with my thoughts every once in a while but sometimes it becomes too much. So I thought I'd share a few of my thoughts that I wrote down on my cellphone and on my trusty notebook. Here's a sneak peek of what's in my head!

Save your money. Pack your lunch. Don't eat when you're not hungry and be considerate of other people's money.
It's so fucking stupid and I'm trying to understand them but I am way, way past my breaking point.
I saw pictures from the Batangas outing and damn am I fat. But it's okay because I am not my body weight.
Habits: Take risks, notice breathing, smile, expressiveness, random acts of kindness...
Avoid: negativity, ignorance, anger, dishonesty
June 19. I want to get multiple ear piercings + get dark brown hair!
Places in the US with a good science community: Boulder in Colorado, Durham in N. Carolina, Bethesda in Maryland, SF and Bay Area
I don't know what to write but I know that I have to. I just want to be free, whatever that even means. Why can't life be like a video game? When you want to start over, you can just select "New Game" until you finally get your shit together.
Goal: Learn the common phrases of the language of the country I'll be going to!!
Tumblr is so full of these bullet journals. Do I need a bullet journal? Hassle.
Dream: Stealing a key from Cersei. Me and companion being wanted by the police. Other companions went missing. Prison with wrestling class and a baby assistant. Ripping important documents and then hiding them under the prison bed.
Okay, so maybe some notes I make are too melodramatic and maybe a tad bit emo while some sound so stupid, haha. I am serious about the ear piercings, though. Someday...

Anyway I realized how important it is to write things down. For a person like me who thinks too much, it feels quite refreshing to just put all those thoughts down on paper. It's just like organizing your things in your bag. Whenever you have an interesting dream or think of a good business plan or words to a poem or you just need somewhere to vent, a good pen and a notebook might be of help!

Disclaimer: The photo used is not mine

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