6/28/2015 07:30:00 PM

My eldest brother treated me to Disneyland a week ago! It has been 8 years I think since I last went there so going there with him was a really good time. The morning was gloomy and cold so I was glad I brought a cardigan but as the day went on the California heat just hit us very hard. The park was packed and there were long lines but all of it didn't matter because Disneyland just had this atmosphere of happiness and fun. My favorite parts of the day were the food (of course), the thrill rides, the shows (I almost teared up at the show at the Fantasyland Theatre!), the fireworks display, and the parade which I had fun taking pictures of! I forgot how big the park was because I didn't notice that we spent more than 12 hours in there. Well, I did notice when my feet started feeling like hell haha. We went home feeling tired and sleepy and I went to bed dreaming of the next time I'll be back at the happiest place on Earth.

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