3/28/2015 07:23:00 PM

Here's a bunch of things that have been bugging me lately...

  • my lack of social life
  • social anxiety (mainly because i am extremely afraid of being judged)
  • my fucked up brain
  • procrastination and laziness
  • my parents not being here on my birthday
  • extreme insecurities such as face, body, intelligence, personality... basically everything
  • not being able to go out whenever i want to (which results to, yes you guessed it, lack of social life)
  • my dream of studying medicine and/or postgrad biochemistry being ruined because of my grades
  • this heat
  • my wardrobe (very 1st world, yes)
  • loneliness (i just wanna talk to friends but then again, anxiety gets to me)
  • that empty feeling that happens too often
Now, here's a bunch of stuff that I must think of...
  • the chances i get everyday to improve
  • the love i receive from those that give love
  • education and how important it is
  • AND learning whether it be from a book, a video game (YES) or from pure experience
  • nourishing my body and taking care of it
  • taking care of my brain and mental health
  • not letting social anxiety get the best of me
  • not caring about what other people think
  • exuding positivity and giving love
  • how i don't have to prove anything to anyone
  • adventure and future travels!!
  • creating... anything! like posts for this neglected blog
  • how everything will be okay
Hello, blog! Wow this has been really neglected but I really never had the motivation (and discipline) to post here. But here you go! Very personal and all but I figured I should vent some of this out. I really want to change and become a very positive person but it can get pretty challenging when your brain thinks the worst thoughts. Haha, there is always room for improvement! Hope you're having a nice day, whoever's reading this. Sending my love and light to you!

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