1/17/2015 01:18:00 PM

Even before arriving in the States, my brother already planned this whole Las Vegas trip which was why after a day of unpacking and settling down, we drove right away up to this city that never ever sleeps. We took a relaxed drive at The Strip while it was still in the afternoon to avoid the heavy traffic and then checked in at The Flamingo. Our room was at the highest floor and had a giant window with a wonderful view. Who knew it was one of their cheapest rooms?? After dinner, we headed to Fremont to have a stroll around. I really like this street since it has these beautiful lights and performers plus a giant screen for a ceiling. It's just full of life and fun everywhere here! We were pretty tired from travelling and  walking (well, I was) so we just spent the rest of the night chilling and resting in our room. Let me just say that even though we just had a Vegas trip a year before, I still missed the hustle and bustle of this city.

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