7/25/2014 11:00:00 AM

Hello! It's been a long time since my last blog and I really missed it so here I am again! I remember promising to myself to post at least twice a week but I didn't keep it. Haha, oops. This time, I'll try my best!

Here are some photos of what's been happening since my last post. As you can see, not much has happened since Six Flags. I spent a few more weeks in California then I came back home (alone with a horrible flight). It's been almost a month since I arrived and the days that passed were neither eventful nor productive. Haha, that's summer vacation for ya. But I've been taking care of some school stuff so maybe it's a bit productive, ya know?

Basically, my last days in California were spent going to the mall, admiring the far, far mountains on the way to the mall, chilling, helping the parents with the house, binge-watching Friends and Hannibal, and playing with my brother's dog Lucky. I took pictures of the things I bought from Cali when I came back home so maybe I'll make a blog about that. Oh, and I played and cuddled with the lovely Zoey! I think he forgot who I was after being gone for more than a month? Do cats have short memory?

Now, I pretty much just stay at home on most days and do some studying, some reading, some watching and some playin'. I hang with my boyfriend or my cousins a few times a week especially since my cousin is staying with me while the folks are away. We had a mini dance party with just the four of us one night where in we had improvised strobe/disco lights. Really fun and mildly wild!

So, I guess that's what I've been up to lately! School's coming up on August so I'm kind of dreading that. Oh, well! Hope you're all having a good day! See ya on my next post xx

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