6/10/2014 11:56:00 AM

Hello! Last Saturday my brother took me and the boyfriend to Six Flags Magic Mountain and I thought it'd be nice to tell you guys about it. We got the Flash Pass which basically reduced the waiting time for the rides which enabled us to ride all the rides we wanted to go to! The day was rather hot and it got me easily dehydrated so I'm pretty happy that I wore lighter clothes.

I didn't take too much pictures since we're running all over the place to get from one ride to another but I kind of like this photo of the entrance to the DC Universe part of the park. In the background you can see the Superman ride which immediately goes from 0 to 100 mph. Really thrilling.

Here's Xed in front of the Green Lantern ride. It was our first time in this one and it really just blew our minds.

I think the Goliath ride was the one I enjoyed the most despite dreading it so much because of the freakin' high drop. I really got to raise my hands and enjoy the speed this time!

The other rides were super fun as usual. We all tried the new roller coaster Full Throttle which had a surprise for us in the end. If only the line wasn't long, we would've tried it several more times. But it's okay because the day was really great and I enjoyed being with the boyfriend again.

Before heading home, we all had dinner at Denny's! Big thanks to my big brother for treating us and having fun with us at my favorite theme park.

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