5/23/2014 04:26:00 AM

Hello there! It has been over a month since I've been here in my blog and well.. I just wanted to be back here. Here's a list of what has been happening to my life lately!

  • Vacation has started (obviously) and I've been spending it watching Friends all day and eating junk food. Agh, the good life
  • My boyfriend and I ate a lot of pizza from Yellowcab as our last hangout before he left for California. The following day we also ate from Zark's Burgers so you could imagine how my tummy felt after all those food
  • Went with my family to Manaoag and then a spontaneous trip to Tarlac to visit this monastery. It was scorching hot but the place was beautiful and peaceful.
  • Got the rest of my wisdom teeth out! Yes, finally it was over and done with
  • Mothers' day was spent at the mall watching a Richard Poon mini concert
  • Finally had my immigrant visa approved! I still don't know how to feel about that
  • Also some problems at school but I'll get through that, I know it :)
  • Yoga has been helping me a lot during the mornings. It's amazing how it relaxes the body and the mind as well
  • My friend and I joined this shoot for this year's yearbook. The final edited photos are not yet released so maybe I'll show them some other time! The day of the shoot was great and the people were great and the photos were great as well! I loved everything especially the make up which I felt bad removing because my eyebrows were 5 stars.
The past month has been pretty uneventful since most of my days were spent locked inside my room. Nevertheless, the summer vacation has been pretty good so far! Now, I'm here at my brother's house in California to spend a few more weeks or maybe a month before school starts seeping into my life again. The climate's a really nice break from Philippines' so-hot-you-can-fry-an-egg-on-your-skin weather.

Also, here are some links I've found that I thought were interesting:

This has been of great help when I was trying to decorate my room

- If you've been dealing with hair fall like I am, these tips might come in handy

- Okay, I used this yoga sequence during my menstruation and it totes helped with the cramps!

- Aaaannd some more from Buzzfeed (god I love this site): DIY photo backdropsmodern Disney charactersmusic festivals

Hope you all are having a good time and see you around!

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