4/13/2014 10:16:00 PM

So last week was great!!

Well, maybe except for the part where in we had to take an exam which I think was meant to make us fail the subject. Or that's just what I thought. It was really hard, okay. But let's not dwell on that hell of an exam!

Monday, after the exam, me, my boyfriend, 2 of my friends plus my friend's "guy" (hart hart!) headed out to Balai Isabel at Batangas! We had an outing scheduled for the block for Tuesday until Wednesday but my mom decided that we go earlier than our other blockmates. Which was awesome. You know, I don't have to interact with a lot of people right away because that's how I is, y'all. (can't believe I just typed that)

We had a great time eating, playing Monopoly u-build (which was a Christmas gift from my brother), Monopoly Deal (we love Monopoly, as you can tell) and swimming at night. It was totally cool 'cause the stars were out and there weren't a lot of clouds so it was the perfect time to just chill and stare at the sky. The moon was exceptionally beautiful, as usual. Ah, gotta love the night! So yeah, we just did those and then at the wee hours of the morning, I indulged myself with Adventures of Flapjack and the Amazing World of Gumball. I'm not sure, though, if I got the titles right. All I know is that it was awesome to watch Flapjack again!! I kind of miss the really weird part of Cartoon Network, though, with the Adult Swim and stuff.

The next day was more fun since our blockmates arrived! I, being the introvert that I am, took a relaxing shower instead of showing them around the resort. Heh. Again, we ate tons! I'm so glad my mom and my aunt were there for the food and for guarding the house while everyone was out. They were pretty much our babysitters of some sort. But yeah! It looked like everyone enjoyed their time! They rented the tennis court, went biking, went swimming of course and also played Monopoly! Surprise, surprise.

At night, we got our drinks out and played beer pong. It wasn't exactly beer pong since it wasn't beer and we didn't have ping pong balls. Instead, we had gin and bottle caps! Gin caps! After gin caps, there was an exciting round of truth or dare slash bobo shot which was really entertaining. That round was followed by people heading to the bedrooms to sleep while others just continued drinking.

Wednesday was our last day and some were pretty groggy from the night before, including me. One group headed out to trek the Taal Volcano and the others just.. Idk? Chilled? Swam? Ate some more food? I was really exhausted this day. But we received good news from our professor that just lightened everybody up! We took a few snapshots before leaving and said our goodbyes. It will be four long months without those people and I'm definitely gonna miss them.

Sadly, I didn't take pictures because I was lazy? But I grabbed a few photos from facebook! Seeing us happy... Priceless.

Just look at those smiles! The picture at the pool was my fave since it totally screamed summer. I wish to have more outings like this one in the future. Maybe next year? (Grad celebration?!?!?!?) That will be it for today's blog!

Have a fantastic vacation!

P.S. My boyfriend wanted me to add this to the blog so here we go!
A slight problem with flight control...
Admit it, guys. It was funny.

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